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FrameMac LGS Machine F1-C75/89/140

FrameMac LGS Machine F1-C75/89/140

FrameMac LGS Machine F1-C75/89/140

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Product Details

LMS @ FrameMac® Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine F1-C75/89/140



Profile Shape C Shape
Profile Size 75-89-140 mm
Material Thickness 0.7-1.6 mm, G300-G550 Zinc-Alum Steel Coil
Operation System 17 inches Touchable Screen, with Linux system
Production Control System Self-devoloped FrameMac LGS machine Controlling Software
Design Software Optional Architectural design software of well-known domestic and foreign brands
Standard Machine Speed 300-900 m/h
Max. Machine Speed 1000 mm/S, automatic adjust width
Main Machine Motor Power 10 kw
Power Supplier 380V, 50Hz, 3Phrases, Customized
Hydraulic Motor Power 7.5 kw
Total Machine Power 21.5 kw
Hydraul Cylinder Volume 120L
Constant Temperature Device  Constant Temperature Device is Optional in Alpine Area
Hydraulic Coolant System Self Cooling, Optional refrigeration device for high strength production, air cooling and AC cooling
Punching, Cutting Mould dimple hole, Chamfer cut, Web notch, lip cut, service hole, bolt hole and shearing
Hole Punching Accuracy ± 0.5 mm
Inkjet Printer Standard
Machine Size 4750*1020*1500 mm
Machine Weight 5500 kgs
Decoiler 3000 kgs,auto decoiling
Smartpod Factory Optional


prefabhouse machine

prefabhouse machine

prefabhouse machine

prefabhouse machine

prefabhouse machine

prefabhouse machine

End-User Construction Site

light gauge steel frame machinelight steel frame house machinelight steel frame house machinelight steel frame house machine

About FrameMac

Cold Roll Forming is a flexible process in which a plurality of sets (upper and lower) roll forming dies are installed in a certain order, and the corresponding metal coils are passed through a specific profile of the roll mold in a continuous manner to be rolled into a design shape. Process. Cold-formed forming is also known as roll forming, roll forming, roll forming, roll forming, etc. Taiwan is known as a roll forming machine, which is one of the most environmentally friendly, energy-saving, safe and efficient sheet metal processing processes.

FrameMac cold-formed thin-walled light steel forming unit consists of material automatic unwinding and discharging machine, material leveling device, forming machine, automatic punching, cutting, receiving table and control cabinet. According to the specific requirements of light steel villa construction, it is equipped with: dimple screw hole, chamfer, web through hole, small side shear, pipeline hole, web shrinkage, shearing and other stamping die and coding device. It adopts professional-grade industrial computer CNC automatic control, which has the characteristics of wide application range, high product precision, high degree of automation, material saving and high degree of automation. It is aimed at the continuous innovation of assembly buildings and diversified structural forms on the market. Special equipment can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, and supporting equipment such as floor decking/adjustable C steel can be provided.


FrameMac Advantage


1.Design fast: relying on the international advanced design software, FrameMac equipment can be ready for producton drawing in within 30 minutes.

2. Fast production: FrameMac machine have industry-leading production speed, up to 1000mm per second per light steel profile.


1. Size: The light steel structure produced by FrameMac equipment has industry-leading precision in length, position and size.

2. Forming Precision:  FrameMac LGS machine can guarantee the precision of the industry-leading forming of diverse light steel structure.


1. Running Stability: it is recongnized in the industry as the most stable light gauge steel house frame machine, for its reasonable forming and punching design, leads to stable production and low failure rate.

2. Control System Stability: Based on Linux system, avoiding WINDOWS virus completely. Matching together with advanced fieldbus control platform, the system responds quickly, accuractly, and without crashing.


※ With its rich experience in cold bending equipment manufacturing, FrameMac uses the modular design concept to ensure the standardization of equipment parts as much as possible to achieve rapid production delivery. Colleagues ensure that the parts in the production process are completed on the machining center. Reduce human dependence and ensure the sustainability of equipment quality.

※ CNC control system is the same as the design of the international mainstream equipment, using independent independent intellectual property control software to achieve data linkage and remote network diagnosis and maintenance.

※ Choose the highest-end and most reliable configuration as much as possible to ensure the quality of the equipment is excellent, reliable and safe. The key parts are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad to fulfill our brand route.

※ Due to continuous innovation and continuous improvement of product construction concept, we provide high-precision and sturdy equipment for our customers.


  Why Choose FrameMac

1.  Product-Design Innovation

FrameMac has always been building the best solutions. In addition to our standard range of products, we can develop customized solutions for customers.

2. Service-customer first

FrameMac's highly professional service team provides world-class pre-sales and after-sales services, and can provide professional and localized technical support and services

3. Quality-continuous improvement

FrameMac products comply with international ISO quality standards, EU CE safety certification, combined with global supply chain and innovative technology, we will continue to provide more reliable, more stable and smarter products and support solutions

4. Support-business training

Providing support is no longer an additional advantage, but the core of our business. Regular training is held, and measures such as after-sales and door-to-door technical support have become normal.


            FrameMac insists on cooperating with customers as a partner and actively provides effective solutions to ensure reliable product performance, advanced technology and easy operation, and promote users to a higher position in the fierce market competition. At the same time, FrameMac is based on the design concept of high precision, high efficiency, low operating cost and after-sales physique, so that customers can obtain more profitable economic benefits, ensure the long-term stable use of the equipment, and obtain comprehensive technical support and professional training.

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    Please send us roll forming profile with specifications, thickness and other processing requirements for our customized machine.If you need standard machine, please send us the model you want.