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FrameMac Light Steel Frame Machine - 2/2

FrameMac Light Steel Frame Machine - 2/2

  • 2019/5/5

The construction frame can be wildly used on Office, Villa, Storage, Sports Stadium, Tourist area construction, Low buildings such as villas, Open leisure bar and so on. It especially benifits from unconvenient transportation, tight period, movable building and so on.

How do you think a convenient store in the tourist attractions area? Light steel framing House is with following advantages:

  1. Free editable: According to your own personal interests to design house, as long as you can draw on the software, it make the corresponding effect come true.
  2. Comfortable living experience. adopts new materials such as moisture-proof, anti-mildew, moth proofing, non - combustion , ect.
  3. Convenient construction, environmental friendly, short time.
  4. Safe construction: because of the monolithic structure, the seismic ability is stronger than the traditional brick and concrete structure.

Buildings can withstand an eight - magnitude earthquake New typesteel frame houseconstruction procedures:

  1. Finished LGS
  2. Transport to Construction Site
  3. Assembling LGS by Tapping Screw
  4. Assembling the walls to corresponded position, Use connectors to reinforce connections.
  5. Assembling inner wall and outer function board, such as Moisture-proof, anti-mildew, moth proofing, non - combustion, ect.
  6. Outside Walls and Roof Construction Assembling. FrameMac is new brand for the light steel frame house machinery, but we grow up fastly because machine quality, reasonable touchable interface, high tolerance processing work pieces, driving and coolant system set by experienced engineers, completed after-sale system make you more easy to begin the light steel frame house project.

More information, please contact sales@framemac.com

light steel frame house machine

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